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What will you regret when you die?

This nurse has an idea of what you will most regret when you die. For many years she worked in palliative care, and nursed the dying. She recorded the top five regrets they expressed when looking back at their lives. She summarizes them here.


How to change the world with your spare change.

I love contributing to charity. In theory. In reality, I am always suspicious as to where my money is going, and so I never usually send money to the Red Cross, unless a natural disaster happens, like the Japanese Earthquake. I feel slightly guilty about this, and wish the world was different.

So when I discovered Modestneeds, I was really excited. For the first time, I could see the difference I was making on a local scale, in America. Modestneeds allows you to contribute a dollar or two- (or five, or ten, depending on your ability to do so) and it’s combined with other people’s contributions. You can decide who you contribute to, and you can read the original applications for help, which are sometimes heartbreaking, like leukemia patients applying for help paying medical bills. Sometimes they are single parents whose lights have gone out due to failure to pay electricity bills. Modest needs focuses on stopping the cycle of poverty before it begins, and you can help with the cost of a cup of coffee.

Pretty damn cool.

Find Modest Needs here:

Symphony of Science

This quite a beautiful song. We’re only at the tip of the iceberg so far as scientific discoveries go. Imagine how much more is out there in the universe, waiting to be discovered.

This one is by the same youtube user, melodysheep. The images are startling. I am not a big fan of autotune, but I think it’s used well in these videos.